Scudo Goods Transport

Scudo Goods Transport


There's a made to measure Scudo for your work


Easy to load and unload

Easier access to the load compartment thanks to

  • the 2 large sliding side doors at 1293 mm in height they are best in class;
  • the two rear swing doors which open out to 90° and 180° – 2 glazed doors or a glazed tailgate available on request.

Even the load threshold is among the best in its category: at just 56 cm from the ground, it can also be lowered to 49 cm with the pneumatic suspension (opt).


Self-levelling pneumatic suspension

  • To ensure maximum comfort for all passengers.
  • Improves the vehicle ride, keeping it level and consistent under all load conditions, even when your goods are positioned unevenly.
  • Makes it possible to lower or raise the load threshold by up to 5 cm using the control in the load compartment, when the vehicle is stopped.

In standard roof versions, the suspension takes the total vehicle height to 1.894 m, below the 1.90 m limit permitted in city garages and multi-storey car parks.

Load compartment

Square, spacious, extremely usable

The load compartment height, 1449 mm in standard roof versions, is the best in its segment.

Functionality is guaranteed thanks to:

  • the 8 robust floor hooks to keep your load in place
  • the ceiling light on the rear architrave which illuminates the load compartment
  • the 12 V power point for connecting lights or other devices (optional)

the tunnel (Lineaccessori) fixed to the ceiling which allows you to make the most of all of the Scudo’s internal length, crossing the partition and ending in the front shelf, for totally secure loading of pipes or other long objects.


Versatile to meet all your business needs

  • Panelled, glazed and semi-glazed vans.
  • 2 wheelbase options, short and long.
  • High roof and low roof.
  • Maxi version, with long wheelbase and high roof.
  • Capacities from 1000 to 1200
  • 2 internal length options, from 25 to 2.58 m.
  • 3 volume options, 5, 6 or 7 m³
  • 3 trim levels.

Scudo Van

GVW: 2600 to 3000 kg
Capacity: 1000 to 1200 kg
Volume: 5 to 7 m³
Wheelbase: 3000 , 3122 mm
External dimensions:
– length: 4805 and 5135 mm
– height: 1942 – 1894* mm – width: 1895 mm
*with pneumatic suspension
Load compartment dimensions:
– height: 1.449 m and 1.750 m
– width: 1.600 m
– width between wheel arches: 1.245 m
– length 2.254 m and 2.584m
No. of seats in cab: 2/3

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